Emory Political Science

POLS 385:  Conflict in Asia (Fall 2019)

Course Description:

This course examines the logic and exercise of violence in contemporary Asia, including insurgency, terrorism, foreign occupation, political violence during decolonization, showdowns between regional powers, and social mobilization. We will start by asking “why do we see violence?” using game theory and historical cases. The course will then dive into present day cases such as Afghanistan, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, North Korea and the South China Sea. Cross-cutting topics will include international drug smuggling, terrorist networks, separatist insurgencies and foreign intervention.  

POLS 585: Political Economy of Development (Fall 2019)

Course Description:

This PhD-level seminar provides an introduction to current research on political and economic development. We will start by reviewing advances in empirical methods and theoretical approaches, before diving into questions of political institutions, emergence of the state, democratization, historical legacies, political violence, efforts to reform and foreign intervention. The readings will include ‘classic’ texts as well as contemporary ‘cutting edge’ work in political science and economics.